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Our normal construction method for building concrete and tile pools.
  • Survey the site to check ground water level, slope of land.

  • Set the level and dimensions required for digging the hole.

  • Once excavation is complete make the final shaping by hand and lay out the steel rebar around which a rubber waterstop is placed.

  • Ensure water lines are in place.

  • Pour waterproof concrete and vibrate to ensure air prockets are removed. At the same time screed the concrete for a smooth, even base.
  • digging the hole

    Excavation main pool

    preparing the fountain area

    Excavation for fountain

    waterproof pool

    Building fountain

    waterproof pool

    Apply waterproofing

    fountain feature

    Fountain flowing

  • Prepare the formwork for the walls and brace the forms, once again ensuring all water and light lines are placed in their correct positions.

  • Once the waterproof concrete has been set leave to cure for one week.

  • Plaster and apply waterproof membrane.

  • Lay tiles and apply waterproof grouting.

  • Install pool equipment.

  • Fill the pool and add initial treatment.

  • Valiant Pools can provide pool cleaning and maintenance services so you can truly enjoy your swimming pool.

  • Exciting new construction method now available which enables a faster and cleaner construction.

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