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View our private selection of prime Phuket property.

Use the contact form if you wish to make a general enquiry about land or property not shown on this page. Give an indication of budget, house type such as pool villa and location. We will source some homes or land for you to look at. We have a select range of beautiful, luxury homes and land in various locations throughout Phuket.

Land for sale in Chalong Phuket. 11,200 square meters. Waterside land. Ideal for apartments, condominiums or resort. The land can be split. Located just off the main road next to the waterfront with good access to all facilities in Chalong and the rest of Phuket.

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For further details use our contact form with description from photo of property you are interested in. Pools Phuket has been part of the swimming pool industry in Phuket since 1995 and we have extensive knowledge of the island.

We now offer private property sales. Come back and visit this page as we add more homes for sale in Phuket.

Prices for these homes have been reduced so do not wait.

We also provide construction service for new homes and renovations or extensions to existing homes.

Email or telephone Pools Phuket. 098-2701753 within Thailand -- (++66)98-2701753 from outside Thailand.