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We can provide a free estimate after visiting your site in Phuket. This applies to pool construction, cleaning or replacement pump and filter. If any of the terms below are unfamiliar then do not hesitate to contact us as we are only too happy to assist in your enquiry.

  • The potential pool owner should provide as much detail as possible in order to receive an accurate quotation.

  • Dimensions of the pool should allow for any water, drainage lines or trees on the property.

  • Pool surrounds and tile selection are important as there can be quite a variation in cost.

  • Is the pool to be an overflow or skimmer box system?

  • Select a good quality filtration system. We can supply and install all brands of pumps, filters, saltwater chlorinators.

  • Do you require construction of pool terrace and pump room

  • Access for excavation is important in order to use a mechanical digger. The hole can be done by hand but will add to the time of construction.

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Email or telephone Pools Phuket. 098-2701753 within Thailand -- (++66)98-2701753 from outside Thailand.